Ghent 2019 What a week.... what amazing musicians

So we went off to Ghent once again to perform at the Music Festival. Little did we know how good it would be......

Here is our story

When we arrived for the concert in St Baafs Square in Ghent, nobody was prepared for what was to come.

Our musicians performed at a level beyond anything we could have dreamt of

This was the crowd later in the evening. See the size of the square they filled as taken from the Cathedral tower

Saxidentals, Coro and Concert Band kicked off the evening in style

The evening was magical

The musicians were amazing in our other concerts as well

De Panne is always a great venue

Ghent will always be remembered as an amazing evening though, especially for the families watching.

Then we had Proud Mary.

Of course we finished with this....

Thank you Ghent for letting us be part of the magic.

Thanks to John, Abi and others for the photos.

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