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Our mission at Students Rising Above is to ensure access to equitable opportunities, allowing our students to reach their full potential regardless of their socioeconomic background and become change agents in their community. We do this by investing in first-generation college students from low-income communities who have demonstrated a deep commitment to education and a strong desire to make positive change.

Why Give to SRA? - SRA creates meaningful connections between students and SRA Advisors that set up our first-generation, low-income college students for success to and through college and into the workforce.


  1. Choose how much money your company aims to raise - If 20 friends all donate $5 that could be $100 for SRA! Or if 10 friends all donate $20 you can double your fundraising to $200! Think about a good goal for you and your network.
  2. Choose start and end date - we recommend a timeline of 2 weeks to meet your goal and get your company and community engaged!
  3. Write a blurb on the campaign and why it's important to you! - Example you can copy and paste: Friends! Support my company in supporting Students Rising Above, a non profit that invests in first-gen and low-income students! Students Rising Above seeks to inspire the upward mobility of Bay Area youth in under-resourced communities and schools. SRA does this by empowering youth to access and excel in social, academic, and economic opportunities. Be a part of that impact in our community!

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Make sure to tag: @StudentsRisingAbove [Facebook], @studentsrisingabove [Instagram], @SRAProgram [Twitter], and Students Rising Above [LinkedIn]

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Download and post the image below to easily crowdfund for over $150! Simply...

  • Post this image on "Instagram Story" [EXAMPLE BELOW]
  • Add text to include your Venmo account
  • As each person decides to donate they can Venmo you the amount on the square
  • Then, you can thank them for donating by updating your Instagram Story to include their username over the square they picked
  • The idea is to get all your followers to fill each square on the screen!
  • Then you can add the funds you raise through your Venmo into your company's group fundraising or onto your company's Facebook Fundraiser Page for SRA
Example of Insta Story Post for Fundraising ^


Create an Instagram Story

Click the Smiley Page Button in the top right to add a Feature

Scroll down to find the "Donation Button" with the heart DONATION

Click on it and search for "studentsrisingabove" and enter

Add to your story along with any supportive text, emojis, tags, GIFs. Make sure to tag @studentsrisingabove and your company!

Thank you for your participation as a valued Corporate Partner of Students Rising Above!