Oldest Town in Dauphin County Gets Revitalized By Heather Ortiz

Middletown Borough’s approved partnership with Penn State Harrisburg, allows for the oldest town in Dauphin County to revamp – in style. Ever since Penn State has expanded their Harrisburg Campus, which is located in Middletown, Pennsylvania, from 2-years to 4-years new opportunities are expanding for residents as well.

Old Victorian home is the last home to sit adjacent from new BBQ restaurant The Hop Yard. The Victorian home now resides Campus Security for Campus Heights housing at Penn State Harrisburg.

Middletown is one of the oldest towns in Dauphin County ¬– founded in 1755. Middletown was founded as being a meeting station between Carlisle and Lancaster. The town is made up of Victorian-style homes, log-homes, and brownstone. David Stubbs, a managing member of the developer United Realty & Infrastructure (Uri) Group of Silver Spring, Md., believes Middletown is the perfect location for this revitalization. The revitalization project is the second phase of the revamping, after water and sewer mains were repaired. New curbs, streetlights, sidewalks, and trees were all repaired in phase one.

Tattered Flag on Union Street in downtown Middletown, PA

With a new Amtrak station working its way into the lives of Middletown residents, there has since been many new businesses that have already moved in as well. A major project that moved into this small town was Tattered Flag Brewery & Still Works, the capital regions first co-branded and co-located craft brewery & craft distillery. Tattered Flag converted three stores and estimated the project at $2.4 million.

The Tattered Flag project also brings revamping to downtown Middletown with new sidewalks and pavement.
The Hop Yard an in-house BBQ Smokehouse on Main Street in Middletown sits in the shopping center with a Family Dollar, United States Postal Service and a Hardees.

An in-house wood smoked BBQ restaurant also joined Middletown’s forces by opening, The Hop Yard that resides beside a vacant lot, which will soon be the face of Amtrak’s new train station. Across from The Hop Yard you will see the new campus dorms and apartment buildings for Penn State Harrisburg. Middletown is even revamping former restaurants with their recent renovations of the former Lamp Post Inn, with Black Horse Grill. Along with new businesses coming to town, Middletown recently tore down the High School and built a new one, costing $41 million.

A section in Downtown Middletown getting revamped with a future Amtrak train station - Three Mile Island in the distance.
Three Mile Island (TMI) in the distance in Middletown, PA
Middletown Area High School's new school that sits on Union Street in Middletown, PA.
Blue Raider mascot banners wave throughout the parking lot.
Newly planted bushes sit lined up beneath the school's name plastered on the front of the building.

With the projects underway in Middletown, the newly renovated shops are waiting for the next entrepreneurs to take ownership and bring the community one step closer to their goal of revitalization.

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