Welcome to South Carolina The Palmetto State

This is the state bird of South carolina

South carolina is know for there big plains and there open area.

This is the palmetto tree and the palmetto tree is the state tree of south carolina and the palmetto tree is a type of palm tree.

The palmetto tree is on the state flag and the moon is on the state flag of south carolina.

South carolina is know for there peach trees.

Below you see strawberry plains.

William bartram was a scientist who studied nature. He traveled through South carolina in the 1770s. In his journal, he wrote about this beautiful land. Bartram saw " vast forests, ... delight strawberry plains, and gently swelling green hills." There were " steep and rocky ridges" and rivers " speeding through the lucid green plain." The soil was "exceedingly fertile." This fertile soil once supported huge rice and cotton plantations. Reminders of that time can be seen today.

This is one of the beaches in south carolina and its name is myrtle beach.

South carolina stretches from the ocean to the blue ridge mountains. Part of the Appalachian mountains, the Blue Ridge Mountains stand in the state's northwestern corner. Sassafras Mountain is the state's highest point. It reaches 3,560 (1,085 meters) above sea level.

While native people have lived in South carolina for thousands of years, French and spanish explorers arrived in the 1500s. Settlers faced starvation, disease, and wars with native people. They had trouble keeping settlements going. In the 1670 people from england settled carolina colony near charleston. In 1710 the colony spilt in north carolina and south carolina. During the Revolutionary war (1775-1783) colonies won their freedom from great britain. South carolina became the 8th U.S. state in 1788.


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