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THE GLOBE THEATER WAS BUILT IN 1599 BY THE CHAMBERLAIN'S MEN, SHAKESPEARE'S PLAYING COMPANY.There was history to the place, the architecture was Precise. audiences BEHAVED AND were treated a DIFFERENT way depending on SPECIFIC things.


Direct Quote: "The Globe has been accustomed to lending its stage to the occasional foreign company, but this year it went the whole hog. Between April and June all Shakespeare’s 36 plays, plus his long poem Venus and Adonis, were performed in 37 languages"(Spurling 1).
Paraphrase: Shakespheres plays were peformed there. 36 plays were done in 37 languages.
Direct Quote:" By 1594 he was a character member of the theatrical Company called Lord Chamberlain's Men, which was later to become the King's Men" (Anderson 777).
Paraphrase: Shakespeare Became part of an actors group. The group was called King's Men. They performed at the Globe Theater.
Direct Quote: "Globe Theater, London playhouse, built in 1598, where most of Shakespeare's plays were first presented. It burned in 1613, was rebuilt in 1614, and was destroyed by the Puritans in 1644. A working replica opened in 1997"(Theater 1).
Paraphrase: Was built in the year 1589. Burned down but then was rebuilt and then destroyed and then a replica was built later on in time.


Direct Quote: "Globe Theater was an early open-air English theater "(Michael 1).
Paraphrase: The Global Theater was very old. This Theater Located in London had no roof.
Direct Quote: "There they used the old timbers to erect a new theater called the Globe Theater. The Globe could accommodate 3,000 spectators"(Lender 1).
Paraphrase: The theater was made from old lumber. It can fit about three thousand people.
Direct Quote: "In his play.. called his theater a "wooden o". It was large round( or polygonal) building, three stories high, with a large platform stage the projected from one end into a yard open to the sky" ( Anderson 778).
Paraphrase: The Globe Theater is large and round.It is three stories high.It also includes a large stage.


Direct Quote: " and its audiences were composed of members from all social classes. Lords and ladies, whores and thieves, and barristers, professors, and students"(Hager 1).
Paraphrase: Audiences were basically a group of diverse people. They range from low class to upper class.
Direct Quote: "Play were originally performed by all-male medieval trade guilds, so all women parts were played by boys" ( Anderson 779).
Paraphrase: All women parts were played by men. They would use words to act out kissing etc.
Direct Quote: "The apron of the main stage certainly projected into the area where standing room was available to the groundlings—the audience members who paid the least to see performances"(Cook 1).
Paraphrase: People who did not have much money often stood at the bottom. Reason being was because there was no seats and they stood the whole time during the performances. These people were called groundlings.
Direct Quote: "Shakespeare was the ultimate professional writer. He had a theater that needed plays, actors who needed parts" (Anderson 777).
Paraphrase: Shakespeare used The Globe to present his plays. He hired actors to peform at The Globe.
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