The French Revolution By Abdul far

The main reason that caused the French Revolution was France's debt. France had numerous amounts of debt to pay off and to do so, they started taxing the 2nd and 3rd estates. The 2nd estate (The Nobility) refused to pay taxes so the Monarchy started charging the 3rd estate (The common people) more instead. This caused great famine within France. The 3rd estate consisted about 98% population of France so most of the people who were experiencing famine were the 3rd estate. These reasons eventually led the people of France to make a new constitution and to overthrow the French Monarchy and establish their own government.

The Tennis Court Oath in which the people of France write their own constitution

The French Revolution was successful because it completely ended the French Monarchy, established a republic, but then later on came under the dictatorship of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Napoleon on his mule
Napoleon takes the crown from the Pope and places it on his own head which symbolized that he gives himself authority without the help from others.

Napoleon: Hero or Villain?

One of Napoleon's famous paintings

There have been many arguments regarding whether Napoleon was either a hero or a villain to France. Here are some of the good and bad choices he has made:

Hero: Napoleon brought much glory and victory to France by conquering much land. He also significantly improved the education system and the economy of France. Majority of France viewed him as an hero.

Villain: One of Napoleon's worst decisions was to invade Russia. When he invaded Russia, they were very successful all the way to the capital but the Russian winter and many other unlucky circumstances caused Napoleon's army to shorten significantly. Another reason why some people call Napoleon a villain is beacause of the Napoleonic Wars.

Napoleon Bonaparte in uniform

Did any countries react to what Napoleon Bonaparte did?

Yes, many countries such as England, Austria, and Prussia viewed Napoleon as an enemy to Europe. They expected him to conquer all of Europe and to prevent that, these countries joined up and called themselves the Allies.

One of the battles of the Napoleonic Wars

The Allies overtime finally crushed Napoleon's army at the battle of Waterloo. After that battle, Napoleon was sent of to a remote island and spent his final years there.

Napoleon is shown on his deathbed

Overall, Napoleon was a great leader and has done more positive actions for France than what he has done wrong. Napoleon was a true hero to his country.

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