Williamsburg Trip 2017 By Rohan mahajan - studying samuel HENLEy


This tool is known as a leadline. The leadline is a chunk of lead attached to rope which was thrown over a ship and into the water. When pulled out, the crew was able to tell how deep the water underneath them was based on how much of the rope was wet. This tool was/is important because a ship can get stuck if sailed too close to the shore. The leadline enables anyone to be aware of how much water is beneath them so they do not get stuck.
This outdoor exhibit was the action of firing a musket. Muskets were a very important part of the Jamestown colony. Muskets serve as a weapon to protect a person, and is used in war. It was a popular weapon used by the colonists because it can defend against Native Americans.


Figure 1 - exterior
Figure 2 - parlor
Figure 3 - Wythe's bedroom

The owner of this house/ piece of land is George Wythe. I think that it would be fitting to meet this person because I have taught very important and famous people, one being James Madison himself, which would also make me a distinguished person of achievement. In this room (Figure 3) there are a few chairs, which could be used if a very personal but important conversation must happen. However, only men who have a very good connection with him could be in his room, as George has a very high status rank compared to others as of Williamsburg. My favorite part of this house is the cloth that the lining of the chairs and the bed are made out of. I think it displays George's wealth and high ranking, since the designs are intricate.

Figure 1 - exterior
Figure 2 - workspace/production area
Figure 3 - product/merchandise

This is a barrel-making shop, also known as a Cooper Shop. In this shop I smelled the dry scent of wood shavings and the floor was dusty with sawdust. I heard a man shaving a block of wood to make a barrel. I would buy a few barrels because they are a go-to source for storage and, though simple, can be very handy. The delivery system would be as such: I would go into the shop and ask for a barrel; custom or ready made. If custom, they told me I was free to come back in when it's ready or check periodically until it's done. When I had asked if they made anything else, they said they did; other storage boxes and mugs to drink from, everything wood based.


Created with images by lisby1 - "Henry Fox, Husband of Harriet Leonard Hale Fox, Daguerreotype, Circa 1850"

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