My Reverse Bucket List By mallory coleman

1.) Go skydiving.

I never want to go Skydiving and I am terrified by heights so I would probably just have a panic attack the whole time. I also know some people always put this on their bucket list but it is definitely not for me. (Swoop. "Welcome To Skydive Swoop". Web.)

2.) Become nurse.

I also wish to never take any job working at a hospital, or being a nurse. I can't not handle blood very well and under high stress situation I can't handle very well. (CNO. "Colleges Of Nurses Of Ontario". Web.)

3.) Get in an accident.

Getting in a car accident isn't on my top things I would like to experience in life so hopefully I never get in one. It also pretty oblivious as to why I wouldn't like to get in one. (Navbug. "Listowel Traffic Conditions". Web.")

4.) Kill someone.

If there is one thing I never want to do, it is live with the guilt of killing someone. I truly thing murder is one of the worse things in the world and it's never right, no matter the situation. This is also why I'm strongly against the death penalty. (Wikipedia. "Murder". Web.)

5.) Dropout of college.

I really want to have the achievement of graduating from college, therefore I never want to give up or drop out of college. I also don't like to see myself as a quitter and it would take a big part on me.

6.) Be Homeless

In Canada the risks of being homeless aren't as high as there in the United States but I still have a fear of becoming homeless. This is why I really want to spend my money wisely and think about a good job that will support me financially. (TheHomelessHub. "Homless". Web.)

7.) Move into a haunted house.

I strongly believe in ghosts and such and I would hate if I accidentally moved into a house and later found out it was haunted. I however do want to go on a ghost tour but I don't want to have live in a house and have a bunch of weird stuff happen to me. (HauntedPlaces. "Haunted Houses In Listowel". Web.)

8.) Go to jail.

I'm a person that likes to follow the rules and normally don't go against the law, however sometimes people who end up in jail were just in the wrong place at the wrong time or was in a part of their life where they didn't know any better. I have heard stories about people who been to jail and it scares me. Therefore I never want to go to jail.

9.) Cheat on someone.

Cheating is wrong and I think it's one of the reasons many relationships end. I think if you feel the need to cheat on someone then you truly no longer have feelings for that person and should break up. It also hurts the person more than if you would have just broken up. I have heard that the guilt also is a lot and I'm a person that can't handle guilt well. (Askmen/cheating. "What Counts as Cheating In a Relationship". Web.)

10.) Move to the United States.

I have family that lives in the United States but I think I will never want to live there. Right now they're in a horrible place and not only is Trump President but the whole country is poor, unemployed, and full of hate. I strongly think the United States is going to be the next Hitler Germany and I'm grateful that I live here in Canada.

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