Stocks By Eldar

||Stage 1||

Buying a stock is basically buying a small piece of the company you think will succeed. Doing this can help you positively, by earning money from these stock exchanges. When that company needs to earn more money it issues shares. Companies use an IPO(Initial Public Offering) to issue shares, where the price is placed on the shares depending on how much the company should be worth, and the number of shares issued. The money that is raised is kept by the company and the stocks continue the trade. Stocks are done through different types of exchanges, an example of this is the New York Stock Exchange.

It really depends how much money you make of stock markets. You can end up making money, and also end up losing money.

||Stage 3||Reflection

From the very start of this project, Delta Airlines(DAL) has been doing the best with over 10.70 % profit at the moment. While on the other hand the Coca-Cola Company(KO), has been doing the worst with 0.97% profit. The reason Delta Airlines has been doing so well, is because it’s an airline company, and compared to the other companies I choose for the investment, airlines are used more often than the other companies. Even though I bought a very small quantity of DAL, it turns out that i’m earning a large amount of profit. I earn a very small amount in return from The Coca-Cola Company because firstly I haven’t bought a lot of stocks from the company, and secondly Coca-Cola is a company that sells it’s drinks for a very small price, and it already has many investors investing in it. (THO) Thor Industries Inc is a vehicle company. It isn’t a very consumer famous car brand compared to other brands, which is why it isn’t that great when it comes to investing in, but ut definitely isn’t the worst.

When I first started the project I made 70 DAL investments, 20 THO investments, and 30 KO investments. This left me at the ranking of 24th place to 12th place. Realizing the large amount I had spent on DAL was quite pathetic, I quickly changed that amount after I started to notice the drastic decrease in profit. I first bought 10 more stocks from THO, and later sold all 60 DAL stocks, leaving me with a quantity of 10 DAL investments. These changes really helped boost my profit, leaving me in 3rd place for the ranking, 2nd, and even 1st.

The graph shows some sudden increases and decreases before it starts to increase for a while in october. Very few, small drops are seen in october and onwards.

From all the companies I had invested in, Thor Industries(THO) seemed to be doing the best in the end. Even though it wasn't the best at times, it still got better than Delta Airlines(DAL), which was surprising since I thought (DAL) would make the most profit at the end of this project. The reason I think (DAL) didn't do as well was because I invested very little in it, but still earned a lot for just a quantity of 10 shares. The Coca-Cola Company(KO) did pretty bad, which was very disappointing since it started of rather well, but looking at it's statistics it slowly decreased over the couple of months. I definitely invested too much in The Coca-Cola Company which is why the percent loss was quite bad.

If I were to do this project again I would definitely keep the two stocks (THO,DAL), but change the amount I invest in them. I wouldn't bother in keeping (KO) since it's one of these companies that aren't efficient to invest a large amount in. Investing more in DAL would have boosted my stocks a lot more, but at least I know how much stocks I should buy from them the next time I do something like this.


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