Black Friday Football My Week in Sports - Week of November 20, 2017

The week of November 20, 2017 was Thanksgiving week and school was out. Playoffs continued for Allatoona Football which meant 8:30 a.m. football practice every morning including on Thanksgiving Day.

Practicing on Thanksgiving Day isn't anything new to the Buccaneers. Although Allatoona is only 10 years old, they've practiced on Thanksgiving Day five out of the past eight years. Instead of Black Friday shopping, Allatoona headed to Adams Stadium to take on 11-1 Tucker High School, number one seed from Region 4-AAAAAA.

Captains were Seniors Patrick Daniels (92), Robbie Brunelle (42), Parker Gibbs (55) and Hunter Parker (56).

Defense ruled the first half with neither team scoring touchdowns. Allatoona got on the board with six points from two field goals by Senior Skyler Davis (81) and keeping Tucker at zero.

Senior Payton Eeles (4)

Sophomore QB Dante Marshall (9)

Senior Rett Russell (18)

Seniors Royce Francis (93) and Riaz McCormick (15)

Senior Adrian Boyd (6)

Senior Royce Francis (93) celebrating after a turnover

Seniors Skyler Davis (81) and Payton Eeles (4) after putting three on the board

Allatoona Offense

Tackle by Junior AJ Thomas (14)

Sack by Senior Rolan Wooden (88)

Kick is no good!

At the half, Allatoona was leading Tucker 6-0 but Tucker rallied in the second half to put points up on the board early. Tucker averages 43 points a game but they didn't get anywhere close to that thanks to Allatoona's Defense.

Senior Adrian Boyd (6)

Tackle by Senior Payton Eeles (4)

Great effort by Allatoona Defense

Tackles by Senior Payton Eeles (4) and Michael Romans (5)

Tackle by Junior AJ Thomas (14)

Senior Patrick Daniels (92)

Another great effort by Allatoona Defense and they're never give up mentality

Sophomore Dante Marshall (9)

Final Score:

Tucker 20

Allatoona 12

As a mom to a senior football player, this was one of those moments that I wasn't looking forward to but I knew one day it would be here.

The last football game as a parent.

Head Coach Gary Varner

Allatoona still has an amazing future. With a fairly young team, I can't wait to see what else is in store for them.

For me, I still have six more months of sports to shoot. For the week of November 27th, I have Allatoona Basketball and Allatoona Swimming.

Until then...

Senior Rolan Wooden (88)

Every game is everything.


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Chrystal Moore


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