Copenhagen Collection MR CALL DESIGNS

The Concept

The Copenhagen Collection is inspired by Modern Scandinavian design. As the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen is where the adventurous find their niche. The city is packed with independent cafes, shops, and an infinite amount of breathtaking views of both architecture and nature. The fluid mindset of the wanderers of Copenhagen can be compared to the organic patterns, lines, and textures found in Modern Scandinavian design. The spaces created within the design reflect the ever-changing lifestyle of those who live and move within it.

This design style initially created sparks in high fashion. Brands such as Oscar De La Renta, Prada, and Proueza Schouler have designed collections deeply rooted in the minimalist shapes, soft colors, and seductive silhouettes typical of this style.

Prada 2016
Barney's Catalogue march 2017
Oscar De La Renta advertisement 2016

Today, the trend has moved from fashion to home goods. More youth oriented stores like CB2 and West Elm have been the first to adopt this trend. Today you will see their shelves full of rose colored (drinking) glasses, grey flannel sofas, and sheets in the steeliness of blues. Heck, even Apple has gotten into the game - cloaking it's current iPhones is rose gold and titanium grey.

The hotel, 11 Howard (the one you visited with me in Soho) perfectly exemplifies this style of design: light, airy, layered colored, soft upholstery, wooden floors and organic shapes.

Implementing this design will set CLS's new properties to the very front line of this up and coming trend.

The Plan

This is an average layout of a CLS model unit with the Copenhagen Collection in place. Placement may alter when implemented within different units.

The Living Room

The Plan

The Pieces

1. Navy, velvet drapes hung on the wall creating texture.
2. Four large rose gold mirrors hung over the sofa to create a focal point.
3. Additional seating in a round shape to pull together existing furniture.
4. Table top in a fluid shape to elevate the existing coffee table.
5. Rug to anchor seating group.
6. Grasshopper lamp for additional lighting.
7. Repeated rows of copper shelves surrounding the media center to create a dramatic art piece.
8. Faux trees are added to breathe life into the space.

The Bedroom

Each bedroom is inspired by a specific designer or architect. The space is molded around a color prevalent in the Modern Scandinavian style. Unique pieces of artwork set the tone of the personality and a fabric cover is fitted over the existing headboard to soften the space. A chair is selected in the room's particular color to create additional seating. The desk and beside table are wrapped with a light oak contact paper to brighten and unify the room's aesthetic.

The Mies

As a Rhode Island native, Mies finds tranquility in the oil painting of the view from his childhood bedroom window. Studying to be a physchiatrist, he spends long nights at his desk studying and writing. The soft blue hue of his room keeps him cool and calm.

The Florence

Growing up in Florida, Florence spent most of her life outside. With hopes of becoming a botonist, she sprinkles her room with as much of the outdoors as she can, including photographs of plants taken by her father when he was her age. The various green hues of her room draw from her ever present urge to be in nature.

The Jean

Jean is studying to be an architect. The painting in his room was selected by his museum curator mother, when she was pregnant with him. He likes to sit and dream that the painting is a room, with millions of possibilities for design. The grayish tones in Jean's space create a palette for him to sculpt his imagination.


A Helisinki native, Aino is a Women's Studies major and Civil Rights Activist. When she's not working at her various internships or charities, you can always find her in the library with a new book clutched in her hands. The dainty pinks of her room are an ode to her powerful and unforgiving femininity.

The End

Living with the Copenhagen Collection is as if you transcended to Eastern Europe yourself. The adventures you are about to take will be marked by each of these unique elements that beg for you to create your own path.

I would say come to Copenhagen, but..

Let Copenhagen Come to You.

Price: $30,000

Lead time: 6 Weeks

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