National sleep day June 28

National sleep day is a day to relax and rest

National sleep day is a day to relax and take care of your self by getting some sleep. National sleep day is for parents, kids, and teens to get some rest.

Parents, kids and teens need to get a lot of rest to be energized for school and work. If they don't get enough sleep they will be tired when they have to go to work and school.

10 facts way you should promote National sleep day

  1. Kids and parents need more sleep.
  2. Parents need a brake from work and there kids.
  3. Kids need brakes from having to wake up early and having to go to school.
  4. Teens need to have a national sleep day because they need there energy fro school and work.
  5. Teens need a day to sleep in.
  6. Parents need a day to sleep, relax, and to rest.
  7. Kids need a day to sleep and to relax.
  8. Teens also need a day to sleep, relax and to rest.
  9. Parents, kids, and teens should have a day to sleep in and not have to worry about anything.
  10. On average, a human being needs 8-9 hours of sleep.

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