Fast and Furious Jr. Trey Glover

Problem Statement: The goal of this project is to build, and test a drill powered go-kart and we will be competing on 3 different courses. We are being provided with an 18V drill, a sheet of plywood, extra tools that are necessary, wood glue, and also have a budget of 25 dollars to purchase materials that we need specifically for our project. We are using the second half of the year to work on this project and are hoping to have it completed by then.


This was just a picture of a Go Kart..our design might resemble the size but nothing else really.
This was a hand built drill-powered go kart that this boy made. It helped give us ideas about the proportions and functionality.
This is another example of a Drill-Powered Go Kart and it resembles how our steering system will look. We might
This is just a Go Kart so we could see how they work and things to improve stability and safety.


This is a frame for our Go Kart. It kind of resembles a ping pong paddle.
This shows the axle of the Go Kart ad how our wheels in the front and how the steering wheel will connect to it.
This is a much more detailed sketch and has a lot more dimensions and different views.


This is the frame we created through Onshape and this is the general shape of our project.


This is our frame when the ShopBot first got done cutting it out and as you can see it was still connected to the plywood so we had to break the tabs.
This was the final product when we finally cut it out and you can see it is a very good size so that most people will be able to ride it without having difficulties.

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