Pelé RENAISSANCE Man of foOtball

Young Pelé

Pelé was revolutionary. They call him the king of football. Edson Arantes do Nascimento, or “Pelé”, was a renaissance man in the world of football. His rollercoaster of a life brought him to the highest level of soccer. Football is the most popular thing on earth, and he changed it forever. Pelé was an incredible hard working person. He once said “Success is no accident, it is hard work, perseverance and most of all, love of what you are learning to do.” He should know, because he grew up very poor living in Bauru Brazil. With his family struggling to make it, he developed an uncanny knack for the game by constantly kicking around a rolled up sock that was stuffed with rags. But somehow Pelé broke free from his poor poverty origins when he managed to join a youth club that was coached by a former Brazilian national team player. After seeing how phenomenal pelé was, he convinced Pelé’s family to let him leave home as try out for the Santos professional club at only 15 years old. He was truly a remarkable player.

Pelé will be forever remembered in the world of football because of his incredible talent in his time, and his everlasting accomplishments. Pelé had a lot of competition in his time. He played against players like Diego Maradona. Who is also a legendary player. Pelé outplayed Maradona over his career, and he has the stats to show for it. Pelé scored an incredible 1,281 goals in his historic career. No one has ever come close to beating that Guinness world record. Pelé was a very accomplished player. He won three world cups with Brazil ( no one else has ever won as many ), he won the international peace award in 1978, inducted into national football hall of fame 1993, 1959 top goal scorer in Copa America, he also was declared the athlete if the century in 1999 by the Olympic committee. Pelé's accomplishments will live on forever.

Pelé compared to Diego Maradona

Pelé is a very interesting and involved person today because he had talent on the field. Pelé pursued soccer because he was very poor, and couldn't afford a higher education. To escape from his family's financial difficulties, his best option was his talent on the soccer field, Pelé once said, “I was born to play football, just like Beethoven was born to write music and Michelangelo was born to paint.”. Something intriguing about Pelé is that even today at 76 he makes thirty million dollars a year. These profits come from his own coffee shop Pelé Coffee, the Pelé soccer video game, and a surplus of other endorsements. He is very involved presently in the nonprofit organization UNICEF (United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund), and other children's groups. Pelé continues to make a difference today, off of the pitch.

Pelé's famous bicycle kick

Fun facts about Pelé :

Pelé was the youngest player to ever win the World Cup

Pelé is named after Thomas Edison. (Edson Arantes do Nascimento)

On november 19th, 1969, Pelé scored his 1000th goal. Fans swarmed onto the field and mobbed Pelé. At Santos, November 19th is now known as Pelé day.

A more recent picture of Pelé holding the World Cup trophy.

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