"Wolverine Standard" Teammate of the Year 2019-2020

For the 2019-20 academic year we are debuting the “Wolverine Standard” Teammate of the Year Award. This award was developed to highlight athletes that inspires his/ her teammates, keeps morale up in practices/ games, and demonstrates the characteristics befitting a Wesley College Wolverine. They should demonstrate outstanding sportsmanship, character and commitment to their team.

The Wolverine Standard Teammate of the Year Award winners served as the finalists for the Shirley Wentworth Award (winners were announced last week.)

Women's Soccer

Caitlynn Shacklock

"Caitlynn displays a great passion and leadership to Wesley College and the Women's Soccer team. She is a tremendous student-athlete that represents the strong traditions of our program." -Coach Muntz

Men's Soccer

Luis Cruz

"I love the example that Luis has set, nothing has been easy from the first day here at Wesley but he has simply worked hard, asked for help, taken on more tasks, & worked harder. He genuinely cares for teammates and encourages others to be better, as he works to be the best he can. He grew as a student-athlete and person each semester, on the field, in class, and in the locker room.

Two time Atlantic East All-Conference, Luis graduated December 2019 and is now the GA for the men's soccer team".

-Coach Clark

Women's Lacrosse

Hanna Giaccone

"Hanna is a clear choice as she is the clearest voice you hear on the field, in meetings and in the weight room. She was a consistent voice of encouragement and provided many hype ups, cheers and advice. She challenges her teammates, always gives 100%, celebrates everyone's success and finds a way to grow from every set back. Han cares deeply for her teammates and feels their pain anytime they have set back or are going through a hard time. She’s an energy you definitely feel when it’s missing." -Coach Lontz

Men's Lacrosse

Connor Davis

"The ultimate team player, he is a back up who has helped starters, and other younger players with his high lacrosse IQ, additionally he has been a leader when it came to fundraising for our team. Connor graduated with an exceptional GPA and took his time to help younger players by offering his services to tutor hem in the social sciences, math and several other disciplines. Connor was always ready on game day to play but if he was not chosen to get in the game he was a vocal sideline leader and helped us keep everyones head in the game." -Coach Gorrow

Field Hockey

Brittany Bishop

"Brittany Bishop epitomizes the standard we challenge our Wolverine athletes to uphold. Her work ethic, actions on and off the field, and her support of the entire team made her our Teammate of the Year!" -Coach Short


Shymere Vessels

“Shymere Vessels is an excellent example of our team’s long standing creed - “Act in a manner befitting a Wesley Wolverine” He is a solid student and team leader that everyone in the program can rely on. Time after time, Shymere displays his care for the team over himself. As a team leader, he is constantly communicating with his teammates and directing them to do the right thing on campus, in the classroom and on the field. He has gone above and beyond for his teammates and coaches. We appreciate his hard work, communication skills and dedication to the Wesley Football program.” -Coach Knapp


Brooke Retkowski

"Brooke is the epitome of a true DIII student athlete. She maintains exceptional grades, excels at her sport(softball), is involved in many organizations across campus and was a role model captain for our team. Brooke is never out worked in any facet of her life, she gives her all in every area. She is the perfect recipient for the inaugural wolverine standard award." -Coach Greep


Jordan Marucci

"Jordan was overwhelmingly voted a captain by his teammates this year because of the standard he sets with his work habits both on and off the field. Each day, he brings a high level of focus, intensity and a determination to improve that motivates himself and his teammates." -Coach Underwood


Allison Mills

"Allison Mills has one of the most positive attitudes I’ve ever coached. She maintained a cumulative 3.5 gpa during her 4 years at Wesley. She works hard and gives it her all at every practice. She lifts up her teammates when they are down, and praises them when they are doing well. She is always energetic (partial credit to Starbucks) and positive on the sidelines even if she hasn’t seen any playing time that game. Although not a captain, Allison definitely possessed leadership qualities and the respect of her teammates and coaches." -Coach Beiler

CC / T&F

Ian Thorne

"Ian was thrusted into an uncertain cross country season with no coach and not being a traditional distance runner to begin his senior campaign. Throughout getting to know the team Ian became someone I could rely on to be the liaison between the new coaching format and the athletes. Ian cares deeply for his teammates and never hesitated to be their voice. His constant positive attitude and encouragement on those long competition days was contagious. Ian was certainly a crucial part to the success we did have this cross country season and without whom I'm not sure we would have had the team chemistry we did." -Coach Lontz

"Ian put the goals of the team above their own and will do whatever it takes to help the team succeed. Ian always hustled and scrambled to do what the team needed. He was never undeterred by setbacks and kept pushing for the ultimate goal for his team to make NCAAs as a collective. Ian was just an honest, good-hearted teammate who cared about those around them. His intentions were always honorable as well as selfless. Did his best to hold his teammates accountable as well as allowing them to hold himself as well. I have only had one season with Ian. He is a tremendous young man with ambition and will be great in the next stage of his life." -Coach Lambert


Evelina Sloboh

"Evelina did her role on the team that gave her teammates the best chance of being successful. Eveline put herself 1st and it gave her the ability to take care of her teammates.. She approached what she could control and support her teammates through her actions." -Coach Lambert

Men's Basketball

Toluwanimi (Tolu) Babalola

“From day one of workouts on through the NCAA Tournament, Tolu was an incredible teammate first and foremost while modeling for the the younger guys what we want/expect from all of our guys. What stood out to me personally, was his taking two young freshmen that we’d brought in (who happened to play the same position as him) under his wing and show them the ropes. That is very difficult to do period, let alone when you’re a senior and those two are freshmen. His leadership was “simply” being a great teammate (and was a HUGE reason, I believe, as to why we were able to have the season that we did).” -Coach Burrows

Women's Basketball

Katelyn Watson

"Katelyn is the ultimate team player she is always putting others before herself but at all times remains a leader. If there is anything ever needed by a coach or player Katelyn can always be relied on to help make it happen. She is the first to volunteer for anything requested from hosting a team meal, to fundraising activities and everything in between. Katelyn is a model for our team core values which we would like in all of our players". -Coach Wearden