My trip to Bangkok By priyanad bam

Today , I would tell everyone to listen to Bangkok.Foe people want to go to bangkok . For many, Bangkok, Thailand is the ultimate travel destination.A heady blend of modernity and tradition, Bangkok has something to offer everyone . Modern Bangkok is a large, bustling city of some 6 million people . The capital of Thailand, it is the administrative centre and the heart of the country . It is a city where skyscrapers and modern buildings jostle for space against the Bangkok skyline. It is also very much a city of entertainment and fun. Above all, Bangkok is a city of extremes. Despite its modern trappings, Bangkok is firmly embedded in tradition. All aspects of Thai culture are revered here, as they are in any rural or less urban part of the country. Rituals are carried out on a daily basis. Like elsewhere in the country, Monks accept their daily alms and people of all ages pray and make merit at one of countless temples. In Bangkok you can at one moment be in the 21st century, the next walking through antiquity. Thailand’s capital has everything the modern traveller enjoys. The city has a wide range of world-class accommodation, from ‘6-star’ hotels, to moderately priced guesthouses for those on a more limited budget. Bangkok also offers some of the best food on the planet – authentic Thai cuisine alongside the very best dishes from almost every part of the world. Of course, Bangkok’s nightlife is legendary and offers an unparalleled range of entertainment - bars and go-go, shows, concerts, and cinema – almost everything you could possibly want is available here. As Thailand is a regional hub, Bangkok has become one of the most important cities in the region. As with the rest of the country, banking equally good. An international standard telephone network and high speed Internet facilities help you keep in touch, whether you are here on holiday or in Bangkok on business. With the introduction of the BTS ‘Sky Train’ elevated railway (and the more recent introduction of the MRT ‘Subway’ underground railway) alongside development of expressways and elevated toll ways, travelling around Bangkok is now as convenient as travelling in any major city. Bangkok is not just a city to visit briefly on your way to somewhere else. It is a place so rich in experience you will want to visit it time and time .

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