Follow That! Comedians vs Cry Videos

Need some ‘feels’? Then get ready for a Kleenex box full of tissues and issues because FOLLOW THAT! is back to bring the pain - and then take it away - and then bring it back. Follow That! has been in a one year residency at NerdMelt Theater and has been making a teary eyed splash by pitting LA’s best comics against the saddest videos on the web. The result is a one-of-a-kind standup set that fuses each comic’s best material with spontaneous, hilarious and ultimately uplifting revelations inspired by the "cry videos.”

Follow That! at The World Famous Comedy Store

LA’s top comics take the stage to watch the most emotionally challenging viral videos on the web - for the first time - in front of a live audience. These are the viral videos that make us cry, leave us speechless and sometimes even scare the hell out of us. They say tragedy + time = comedy. FOLLOW THAT! takes ‘time’ out of the equation. After we watch the most heart-wrenchingly sappy & sometimes cringe-worthy vids on the web, each comic gets just 8 minutes to bring us from tears of sadness to tears of laughter. The twist is, that you decide which video each comic has to follow. Will you choose a softball, or will you go for the gut-punch?

Front Row at The Comedy Store
Hosts: Matt Lieb (Star Wars Podcast, Vice, AJ+) & Jason Webb (Bridgetown, Amazon Comedy)
Mike Lawrence never cries for any reason
Taylor Tomlinson after seeing the video the guys picked out for her
August 2017 LA Weekly write up
Host Jason Webb
Host Jason Webb and Nikki Glaser in the Greenroom of Nerdmelt

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