OCD Love Story Jasmine Dingman.


Bea is a high school student that goes to an all girl prep school. She went to therapy because of her ex boyfriend. She started to stalk him. The people that go to Dr. Pat before her are named Austin and Sylvia. They're a young married couple, that are having some troubles. She starts to feel the need to follow them. At a school dance, that two of the schools in Boston have, (an all girls and an all boys) she meets Beck, who was having a panic attack because the power had went out. Dr. Pat suggested to Bea that she should go to Group Therapy for teens that have OCD, and she thought it was stupid. Then, on the first day she goes, she sees him, Beck. He was extremely fit, and his hands were dry, and his skin was flaky. Bea's compulsions are having to make sure everyone is okay, and driving really slow. Becks, are working out, having to wash his hands and be clean all the time, and do things in intervals of 8.


The main setting is Dr. Pats therapy office . It's a modern looking office, with black couches, white walls and red accents. They also go in Beas basement a lot, and that's where Lisha and Bea have sleepovers. They visit town square because there's a CD store that Bea likes to go in, there's always a lot of skaters there.


Well, As it says on the cover, I will not stalk that boy, you could guess that there's a problem with that. She has OCD, and is hurting herself because of it. She pinches her thigh every time she has a compulsion. She also feels the need to constintly check up on Austin and Sylvia. Beck also has OCD, and needs to work out, and wash his hands, and does everything in intervals of 8. Which means there will be 8 dates.


To solve some of these problems, they have group therapy, but somethings they have to work out on their own. Like Beck and Bea need to trust each other if they're dating.


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