The Equality of boy & girl sports at leigh

One of three pictures showing the display of Boys CCS Championship titles in sports like baseball and cross country. With pictures of both boy and girl sports teams displayed.

Two of three pictures showing Boys winning CCS Championships in sports like basketball and cross country.

Three of three pictures showing only 1 Girls winning CCS Championships and the rest are boys winning the championship.

Display of many sports trophies, gear and attire from both girl and boys sports teams.

Paper in display informing people that all sports games are listed online and showing where to find them. Both Boys and Girls.

Another picture of display showing both boys and girls attire, gear and trophies,

The trophy case showing trophies from both girl and boy sports teams.

Picture showing bullpen next too softball field.

Picture showing bullpen on baseball field. As you can see there is a difference however they do have the same purpose.


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