Teaching as Inquiry or where am I going?

Mihi - getting to know you - making connections

Teaching as Inquiry - what is it? Why use it?

Dimension 1: What knowledge and skills do our students need to meet important goals?

Possible questions and sources of evidence - booklet p3

Focus students? How many? Who?

Student voice collection

Working together as a department: Creating a culture of collaborative expertise - John Hattie

Mapping out my inquiry p5


So how did it go? Reflect and share your focus students and your possible focus.

Dimension 2: What knowledge and skills do we as professionals need to meet the needs of our students

Dimension 3: so what are your needs in order to deepen your professional knowledge and to help refine your skills?

Homework: Mapping your inquiry Dimension 2.

Term 2 Meetings and programme - Thursday 4 May, then department observations and sharing till 21 August - tell me what you would like till then

Dimension 3: How do I go about deepening my knowledge and refining my skills?

Developing Reading and Listening skills while capturing our students! How do we do it? Use of Embedded Reading and Listening - see our Google drive for the reading

Engaging students in new learning experiences - your challenge for terms 2-3


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