Deontay Webb was here

gold rule

dont brag

don't share to much TMI (like where you live)

don't tell everyyone what you did. ex: ate at burger king #eatingfood

don't share your dating relatonship

don't be mean to other like fire is mean to wood

don't complain about the rain because plants need water.

don't post your friends when there having a bad hair day

make sure your social media is private so creepy things don't see your potos

make sure your post are smart like this smartphone


Created with images by Pexels - "car fast lamborghini" • Cooperweb - "Money" • - "House" • JeepersMedia - "Burger King Signs" • winnifredxoxo - "heart" • Stones - "fire flame wood fire" • Silberfuchs - "iceland rain mood" • psyberartist - "Bad Hair Day?" • Viergacht - "dinosaur gorgonops fossil" • Aknafi - "hand phone vector"

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