Trappist-1 dalton guardado

Instagram Post: The discovery of the Trappist planets is extraordinary! Trappist-1 in particular can definitely be a habitable planet because of its distance from the sun. This is a planet that young scientists should definitely look at.

Diary Entry: It was February 22, 2017. I woke up that morning to the smell of vanilla brewed coffee. I stretched my arms as I was ready to now begin my day. Something I don't usually do in the mornings is watch T.V, but this morning was different. As I began to watch the KTLA morning news an amazing headline came up as NASA discovered new planets in a near by galaxy. They said to have discovered what they called Trappist planets. Planets that the NASA scientist believe may be capable of life. This discovery made me go insane because of the fact that there could be a possibility that maybe one day we can travel to the planet. Making sure that more people know what is out there will motivate young scientist to have the will to figure out how to get humans to the Trappist planets that have been discovered. From: Dalton Guardado

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Dalton Guardado

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