Father Paul Adaja Honoring #HeroPriests

Father Paul Adaja | St. Peter's, Skokie, IL

Submitted by: Michael Hedstrom

Dozens of homilies and stories he told come to mind when I think of him. Last Christmas 2019, just before the pandemic hit, he held a three day retreat and it was life changing. After attending all three days of the retreat I can attest that Father Paul is a holy man and it shows even more through the pandemic. Whether through daily mass broadcast over social media or simply picking up the phone and saying hello, answering questions or providing words of encouragement and care; Father Paul truly cares and it shines through everywhere at St Peters and in the surrounding community. He has responded well to the social needs of the Church especially during the pandemic by being a faithful witness to the inequality and injustice so prevalent everywhere and trying with all his heart to bring about change. By bringing us together as one parish through all means, Father Paul is a perfect example of trust in Jesus and a life-changing priest.

Father Paul has positively impacted our faith community by a further increase in devotion to the Liturgy and the Holy Eucharist. Unity.

Father Paul deserves the "In Service of One Another," award because of the work he does among the St Peters Parish community by bringing our multi-cultural parish together and providing us all with hope.

Father Paul was doing excellent work before the pandemic.