Moise Walters How dress code provides a sense of unity and spark students need

Uniforms provide true room for growth and individuality for students opposed to wearing regular casual clothing which the opposition suggests. They reinforce the fact that just because someone wears a certain style or brand of clothing, that they aren't better or worse than another individual.

Uniforms provide a way for students to have a sense of unity and pride among their student body especially in an environment where cliques and bullying frequently happen. Without uniforms students may find it difficult in those type of situations to be comfortable.

uniforms make students look more presentable and professional, which will help them in the future when looking for a job.

Uniforms figuratively bring individuals together and can bring together an unbreakable bond between individuals who would not normally socialize together.

Discipline is developed by having to wear uniforms. It may not be exactly pleasant at first, but it builds strong character, mental toughness, and discipline which goes along way in many different aspects of life.

A school who enforces uniforms does not have the intention of making their students wear dull or boring looking clothing. Uniforms can be cool and stylish in their own way.
Being disciplined is not easy, but can be learned over time with hard work and determination.
Discipline is developed through vigorous mental toughness and constructive criticism.
Mental toughness and teamwork is better felt when a common ground between individuals can be found which a uniform can provide
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