Rule of Thirds seeing through goggles

52 WEEK PHOTOGRAPHY CHALLENGE FOR 2017 ... or at least this is my attempt for the goal

Raja Vanathandavar

Goggle views

Rule of Thirds is one of the most fundamental requirement in photography. It is explained, taught and critiqued constantly, especially when not implemented. And yet at times the rule is omitted with justification.

Imagine a tic-tac-toe board on your frame where it is divided into thirds vertically and horizontally. In the most ideal situation, the main subject is placed where the lines intersect, the eyes tend to focus there immediately. Horizon or skyline falls along the top or bottom horizontal lines as well.

Considering I am a photography student, just entering the 16 month period using an intermediate-level DSLR Camera, this dictum is somewhat critical to me.

I do apply the Rule of Thirds, more often negligently but it comes as a reminder quite frequently after the fact. If and when I take my shots leaving enough space around the subject I may just get lucky to crop and move my subject in place and still be above the elementary. Ashamedly, I am plagued by this constant backtracking step.

In photography, the subject matters most. I still hear "What's your Subject?" before and after my clicks. Duly placing the subject or subjects along the intersecting lines complements the photo and facilitates an ease of view even at a glance.

Esoterically, the rule of third is somewhat a boundary deterrent, keeping you in check, corralling you in line but in a good way with graceful outcomes.

However, at times, you may step out of bounce, the art of photography allows that but professionals gets the better say in exploiting this rule. Most often rightfully so.

Going back to some of the shots I took in 2016, even after understanding the Rule of Thirds, I can't help but notice mostly one single subject on the application of the rule. Rarely more than one, two at the most.

The goal for this year would be to observe, stage, shoot, align and consciously place more than one subject in the Rule of Thirds application.

The most common outlook of my photography, its subject matter and even the application of Rule of Thirds may seem to be to the novelty of the moment, with a hobbyist or enthusiast like approach.

But in true essence I do "see" this in different "light" (no pun intended - the quotation marks were placed after)

Perhaps it is no accident that photography is finally making its way to teach me to get back to the foundation of meditation. The very basic rule of meditation starts with 'Observation', and 'Attention'. I will heed to both.

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Raja Vanathandavar

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