cells in your body created by Reggie J. bess

these right here is white blood cells they are one of the most help full

white blood cells are important because they work inside your immune system they help you overcome sickness . They trap pathogen and surround them and bind to them. They end up remebering these pathogens FOREVER!!!!!!!!

these are red blood cells

these are red blood cells their job is to transport O2 through your body to put in your blood so your your organs can get the oxygen they need


A nerve cell is defined as the cells of nervous system, which controls all types of body activities. The nerve cells are specialized cells, which transmits message from one part to another part of the body. All cellular organisms have evolved a coordinating system by which messages can be received and transmitted very rapidly to organs, enabling them to respond to an environmental change. The system which is responsible for this process is called as nervous system. The functional units of nervous system are nerve cell


Sperm cells are only part of a males body because they are the only ones with the parts to produce it.

these are egg cells or know as ovum

these are egg cells. only female can produce them. egg cells and sperm cells come together to make a human baby.

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Reggie Bess


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