Videography By: Joshua diomampo

Blog 1


I am currently still thinking about what I want to do for my 20% project because there is so many ideas that is on my mind. This is something new for me and trying something, and it is very difficult to think of something that will make me proud and appreciate the outcome of it all.

Blog 2


My project has not evolved from last week because I did not know what to do. After a week I have finally realized what to do. I want to create a visual that will entertain the youth or maybe everyone.

Blog 3


Last week I took videos of where my parents and I went. Took great videos while spending family time at the beach and at the malls of Laguna Beach. I have yet to edit the video because I have yet to talk and find a mentor.

Blog 4


For the past week I have created a YouTube channel, a social media foundation I can upload my personal video visuals where society can have access to. I will begin editing my first video next week and have access to the application needed to edit my video.

Blog 5


Today, I shared my project with teachers from a different school. They visited all the classes here at school, and I had really good feedback. They seemed very interested in what I was doing so I am very excited on whats to come.

Blog 6


I was presented with the Pitch Panel Presentation Rubric, and what was required from us next week. My project has not progressed as much as I wanted to because of school work and work. So from this point out I will challenge myself to get going and get things done. During this struggle I learned that if you do not put your mind and effort into something, it will not get done.

Blog 7


Reflection: After presenting and pitching my 20% project to a panel of teachers and staff, I received some good feed backs. I should improve on being more confident and use more direct eye contact, to improve my presentation skills. I learned that taking your time during a presentation would help a lot because it shows you are prepared and you have the confidence. Overall, I appreciate the time each staff took to criticize and help me throughout this journey.


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