Mecca Three days in city of peace

I traveled with my husband in start of January 2016 to Mecca in Saudi Arabia. The weather was amazing there, people around you pray and happy for being in Mecca. We reach to Mecca at around 3 am, and then we went to the hotel, "Fairmont Hotel Makkah Clock" which located near the Grand Mosque. It also Occupying a prime location because it is the nearest hotel to the Kaaba and the best place to stay while performing the Hajj and Umrah. The Makkah Clock Fairmont one of the tallest buildings in the world, consisting of 76 floors, and is the focal point of the Abraj Al Bait complex, which is part of King Abdul-Aziz 'Waqf" project, as well as a symbol of hospitality in the city Mecca. The room that we choose overlooks exactly at Mecca, it was amazing view which would you wake up for. In first day, we take rest in the hotel for an half hour, then we went to Mecca by walking, then we pray for Al Fajar prayer. After that we sit at Mecca reading Quran until around 5:30 am. When you are in Mecca you will never thought that the time is very late, you can see people in the midnight and you will never think that the time now is 2am or 3am, people walk around you everywhere, you can see the crowd in every place in Mecca. It is a good place which you take a rest in it, and have a comfortable break. Also, Makkah Clock Faimont offers unique hospitality and hotel accommodation experience distinct, which deserve to travel for it.

Mecca building have a distinctive design.
Midnight of Mecca at around 2:30 am.
View of Mecca in afternoon.
Fairmont Hotel Makkah Clock located near the Grand mosque.
The Makkah Clock Fairmont one of the tallest buildings in the world.
The hotel includes amazing international restaurants.
Makkah Clock Fairmont restaurants provide all types of food either for breakfast or lunch or dinner.
Sitting room provide good hospitality.

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Mariam Al Americano

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