west virginia welcome to west virginia

West Virginia became the 35th state on June 20 1863.There state flower is the Rhododendron.This is how much fresh water used.2,560 gallons/day/person (average).

this is their state flower
this is their state animal

More glass marbles are manufactured here than any other state.west Virginia marble factories produce more than 1 million marbles each day.west Virginia was part of the state of Virginia until the civil war.people of the North Western countries broke away from the rest of the state and formed there own government.

this is what they make

At first it was called kanawha. The first mother's Day was celebrated on may 10 ,1908 in Grafton.A few months later.On July 5, the first father's Day was celebrated in fairmont. The black bear is their state animal.the three largest cities are.Charleston, Huntington,Wheeling.The smallest town is brandonville and the population is 47.


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