MGA 102 Principles and History of Typography Giorgos neonakis, alexandros porakos, dimitris yiannaCou

Everyday typography
Typography before Gutenberg
Anatomy of typography
Swiss font family
Giorgos Neonakis Project 1
Alexandros Porakos Project 1
Dimitris Yiannacou Project 1
Max Miedinger
Meir Haas Grotesk & Helvetica Monospaced
Negative and positive space
Hierarchy project
Type as image
Text and image grid
Golden Ratio
Experimental typography
Dimitris Yiannacou (shape and letter)
Alexandros Porakos (shape and letter)
Giorgos Neonakis (shape and letters)
Dimitris Yiannacou (booklet)
Alexandros Porakos (booklet)
Giorgos Neonakis (booklet)

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