"Identify the Need" Nathaniel, shaden, Ricky

Why use personality test for groups?

We would use either the Six Thinking Hats or the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), to identify individuals. These individuals would be collected into teams of varying personalities to create a diverse team, as members can attribute different ideas towards the project and overall goal.

What's the advantage?

  • Collaboration. Dividing up the workload allows for efficient progress. Progress to complete the project and reach the end-goal.
  • More input. Two heads beats one individual mind - and more heads are better! Having input can shape the project the right way and increases the chances for success. Members can also contribute different angles and address problems not foreseen by other members.

Is there any disadvantages?

The disadvantages are really "what/if" scenarios but should still be taken into consideration, as they are highly probable.

  • Disagreements. Don't be surprised if teammates start arguing and start butting heads. But whether your goal is to complete the project, this 'civil war' can cause a hiatus and halt progress.
  • Isolation. Not every waking moment you'll be working with someone or maybe you're just not the social type. If everyone just keeps doing their own thing (as if someone didn't keep them in check), there will be a definite disconnect within the team. The project is then at risk, as it's not shaped in the mind of the team, but as different persons.

Why do Engineering firms use this? And is it useful?

As this may not be the prefect solution to gathering people into a flock and getting work done, it's a structural way of assembling teams. Using these methods can find compatible people to work with one another. And it's also the fastest, as people are assigned based on results rather opinions.

Why is this not useful for Engineering firms?

Let's say, everyone knows each other within the firm. Then the process would be considered obsolete as members don't need to find a capable member, they just know who can do what very well and start working.

Another thing is 'expectations,' opinions of one another or someone failing to meet your expectations is likely to happen. These team building assessments do not calculate and include variables, but not exclusive to: appearances, race, nor attitude into consideration.


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