Virtual Career Series

The purpose of the virtual career series is to help our student-athletes to grow personally, by learning about different career options, how individuals have successfully made the jump from student-athlete to life after sport, and how they can apply these lessons to their own life. This will be accomplished through interviews with Forever Panthers and friends of Pitt Athletics who are thriving in their respective fields. There will also be videos focused on skill development such as developing an elevator pitch, creating a resume, and interviewing.

Career Advice with Career Consultant, Emily Bennett

Emily Bennett is in her 6th year as a Career Consultant and works with our Science, Technology, and Math students. She received a Bachelor of Art in English from Point Park, and a Master of Education in Higher Education Management from Pitt. Hear some of the ways you can make the most of your opportunities at Pitt and stand out from the competition in the job search.

0:32 Advice for students on the job search

3:15 Industry trends that STM students need to be aware of

8:11 Ways you can build skills to make yourself more marketable

13:06 Considerations when searching for remote jobs

Breaking through: From Recruit to NFL Draft Pick & Life After

This week’s interview features former Pitt All-American, and NFL draft pick, Dorin Dickerson. Dorin played 6 years in the NFL and details his journey as a top recruit, adjusting to college before finally breaking out as a senior, becoming a pro, and his transition out of the game.

1:08 Deciding to stay home and go to Pitt

3:51 Working through adversity before becoming a star

8:03 Training for the draft, finding an agent, grinding to make a roster

11:50 Expectations of the NFL vs reality of making it

14:50 Deciding on his next steps after football

18:59 Parting words of wisdom from Dorin

creating your own opportunities

Melanie Feldman is a Volleyball Forever Panther, and she has built a successful career working for some of the top companies in Silicon Valley. She has also co-authored a book titled “Bold: Get Noticed and Get Hired.” Most recently she started her own company, Going Places, which is focused on providing you with everything you need to land a job.

0:46 Working three unpaid internships. How she found them, and how she made it work financially.

3:24 Finding her first job

6:15 How she landed an interview with Neil Everett from SportsCenter

10:55 What compelled Melanie to write her book

13:50 How she knew it was the right time to change jobs

18:50 What if you don't feel like the bold approach is right for you?

23:15 Advice around moving around geographically for your career

24:10 Starting her own business "Going Places"

getting ready for the real world

Hear about Softball Forever Panther Alexis Solak’s adventure through the student-athlete experience which included helping lead the softball team to within an out of an ACC Championship, tying a school record, going through a coaching change, and working two internships. This helped set her up for a full time role with Teamworks upon graduation

0:47 Breaking the grand slam record

1:50 What made the ACC Coastal Championship team so special

4:27 Going through a coaching change

6:26 Working two internships, and what she learned by doing it

10:15 How softball prepared Alexis for life after sport

12:21 Breaking down her current role with Teamworks

14:20 Figuring out what she wanted to do professionally

pursuing a phd

Randi went from competing as an undergraduate student-athlete in women’s basketball at Robert Morris University, straight to one of the top ranked Sport Psychology PhD programs in the country at the University of North Texas. Hear about her journey, her decision to continue her education, what she has learned so far, and what might be next for her.

0:52 Deciding to go straight for her PhD

2:45 Finding a love for teaching

4:25 Breaking down some of the misconceptions of sport psychologists

6:58 Randi's experience working with systems within athletics

8:15 Advice for student-athletes who aspire to further their education

10:39 Deciding how to take steps towards her goals

13:47 What is next for Randi

Majoring in Chemical Engineering

Hear about how Gillian blazed her own trail as a student-athlete at Pitt. She majored in Chemical Engineering while becoming an All-American in track and a national qualifier in cross country. Today she is employed as a Business Technology Analyst with Deloitte Consulting LLP.

0:54 Deciding to major in Chemical Engineering

1:43 Balancing majoring in engineering with being a student-athlete

2:52 Seeking out activities to get involved in outside of academics and athletics

4:01 Skills learned from running track and cross country that Gillian uses now

5:15 Working in a role outside of her major

6:42 Advice for student-athletes interested in majoring in engineering

8:30 Becoming a trail blazer as a cross country and track runner


This week’s video features an interview with professional basketball player Coron Williams. Coron has been playing professional basketball for 6 years. He's played in 5 different countries, and had a stint in the NBA G-League. Hear about his professional journey and how you can apply his lessons learned to your own life.

0:32 Deciding to grad transfer to Wake Forest for his 5th year

2:30 Figuring out he had the skills to go pro

3:55 Deciding on an agent

5:48 Lessons learned from changing teams

8:40 Why his faith drives who he is

11:53 What does life after basketball look like?

13:43 Advice for student-athletes who want to go pro

15:45 One thing Coron wishes he knew as a student-athlete

Being an International student-athlete

This video features an interview with Forever Panther Gabriela Rezende, a former Women’s Tennis Student-Athlete. She details her unique journey to Pitt as an international student-athlete from Brazil, her path to earning a job with UPMC, and her decision to continue her education.

0:35 Summarizing her experience as a student-athlete

1:35 Advice for international student-athletes

3:57 Working internships while being a student-athlete

5:32 Transitioning from student-athlete to UPMC employee

5:57 Deciding to pursue a graduate degree

6:57 Using tennis skills to succeed in her job

11:03 Developing short and long term plans