Super bowl BY: Mary Ruefle


Who won? I said.

The game's tomorrow, he said.

And I became the snail I always was,

Crossing the field in my helmet.

But I'd given it my all,

While the plane arched on it's way

To a landing, when I overheard

The women behind us say

I was gathering wildflowers to make a wreath

To lay on my mother's grave when my son

Fell off a mountain in Italy

And I felt such joy over the unknown

Outcome of her words

I was not ashamed,

For I can feign interest

In the world, just as she

In that great green meadow

Must have.

I paraphrased the poem and i think the author was trying to say you should be thankful for the good things that are happening now and not worry about the future because something could always happen. I also think that the author picked the title super bowl because hes always winning in life.


not living in the moment and enjoying life.

upset because he has to wait longer and it wasn't time.

worrying about what happened in the past and now whats happening right now.

when he realizes you shouldn't worry about whats gonna happen and live in the moment.

something could always happen so don't worry about the future and worry about whats going on right now.

he sees that he should be happy with whats happening right now.

he knows he needs to work on living in the moment.

there's always good or bad things that could happen so don't worry about what you thinks gonna happen in the future.


"I came the snail i always was." he is comparing himself to a snail because hes being slow.

" I felt such joy over the unknown outcome of her words." is a example of annotation because its repeating the letter O.


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