War of the Roses By Sydney Eisenbeis

The Houses

There were two different houses, the House of York and the House of Lancaster. They were fighting over who should be king.

The house of York was represented by a white rose and Lancaster was represented by a red rose.

Henry VI vs Edward IV

Henry Vl ruled England from 1461, but then his brother Edward lV took the throne.

Henry Vl was a little bit mental. He went through periods where he wouldn't even eat.

Even though Henry Vl was a little crazy, he had a wife. Her name was Margaret of Anjou, and she easily manipulated him.

Edward lV was a wise king but sometimes he was a little lazy.

Get it, Kings, Chess, HAH

Richard III-Guilty or Not

I think he is not guilty because the article I read said that this story of him being a murderer could've been made up by one of his enemies.

Also, this article said "An English Knight who was loyal to Richard III later confessed that he killed the princes under Richard’s orders."

Two hundred years after their deaths, two skeletons were found under a staircase in the Tower of London. They were confirmed to be the skeletons of two young boys which could've been the two princes.

Battle of Bosworth Field

Henry Tudor defeats Richard lll at the battle of Bosworth and Henry is made the king.

Richard iii was killed during the battle of Bosworth field.

Richard’s crown was found in a bush, and Henry Tudor was crowned on the battlefield. He then turned into Henry Vll

Henry Tudor and the House of Tudor

Henry Tudor did not have a good claim to the throne of England. So when he was made king it was surprising.

The house of Tudor was made when he married someones daughter to end the war. This helped form the alliance.

The Tudor house rose was both red and white which showed the new alliance.

This is a picture of the Tudor rose.
This is a picture of the different roses for the different houses.


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