A Historic Night Miami University and Towson University play the first NCAA field hockey game in Texas.

At 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, October 4, 2019, Miami University and Towson University made history by playing in the first NCAA field hockey game ever to take place in the state of Texas.

As noted by both Miami and Towson, Texas has produced countless collegiate field hockey players, NCAA Champions, and USA Women's National Team players, but has never hosted a collegiate game. The field hockey coaches involved in bringing the neutral-site contest to fruition saw the event as an important step in "growing the game" in Texas and in the Southwest.

And in a real-life example of the trending phrase "if you can see her, you can be her," youth field hockey players from Texas got a chance to see what they aspire to be. Young field hockey players reveled in an experience that many East Coast fans take for granted — they got to watch an exciting, fast-paced college game on their home turf.

"This is what growing the game of field hockey looks like. People going out on a limb, making the effort, and it becoming a huge success. A big THANK YOU to Miami University of Ohio and Towson University for a great game and event last night! The effort made to make this happen will have an impact on this field hockey community for a long time."

— Tina Edmonds, Owner and Coach, Texas Pride Field Hockey Club

Iñako Puza and EA Jackson, head coaches at Miami University and Towson University, pause for a photo pre-game.

"At Miami, we believe that anyone involved in athletics has a much bigger responsibility than just playing and getting results for the team. As field hockey ambassadors, we have the responsibility to help in the development and growth of our sport. It is impressive to see the growth and development of youth field hockey in Texas. High schools and clubs in the state have done their part. Nobody questions the level of field hockey talent that has come — and keeps coming — from Texas in the last 10 years. Now, it is time for universities and field hockey organizations to do their part. We must help to create an environment that increases the possibility of having collegiate field hockey in Texas in the near future. Towson and Miami are making a big statement by playing this game in Houston. We are expressing the interest of our community and we are saying "we want to come (and we will come) to Texas to play field hockey." We can give the large number of young field hockey players in the state the opportunity to play at home during their college careers. Nobody can question that adding field hockey to universities and colleges in Texas would propel the development and the growth of field hockey in the entire country. Miami is very happy to be part of this game and we can't wait to play under the lights against our good friends of Towson University. And I can announce that Miami will be back to Houston in 2020 for another NCAA game. I hope we can bring three teams next year and keep growing this event."

— Iñako Puzo, Head Coach, Miami University

"St. John’s School is excited to host the October 3rd NCAA Division I field hockey match between Miami University and Towson University. It will be a first for collegiate field hockey in Houston and Texas. The teams will be playing their match on the school’s new state-of-the-art water-based turf field, the only one of its kind in the Southwest. The game will showcase high-level field hockey to local fans and players, and highlight the rapid growth, strength and popularity of the sport in the region. The school is proud to offer its facility to the Division I competitors and looks forward to hosting more high-level events in the future."

— Craig Chambers, Head Coach, St. John's School

Youth field hockey players from Texas got to watch a game on their home turf and talk to collegiate student-athletes post-game.


Towson University, Tina Edmonds, Chip Rogers