The Story of Theseus By:Erica Wiggins

Theseus was the man who successfully killed the minotaur. But on his way he fought bandits and monsters.

One was a man named Sciron and his turtle Molly

Theseus was walking along the top of cliff when his half brother Sciron appeared.

Sciron threatened to rob/kill Theseus. But there was a way out for Theseus... he could WASH HIS FEET!!! So Theseus took upon the offer. He was told to gather supplies and clean Sciron's feet facing the water. Since Theseus was facing the water Sciron brought his foot back to kick him off the cliff right into his turtle Molly's mouth. But Theseus saw this coming and dropped to his side causing him to lose his balance. Then Theseus kicked his butt "literally" and he fell off the cliff into Molly's mouth.

After defeating a few more monsters and bandits Theseus reunited with his father. He came just in time because they were shipping fourteen girls and boys to the labyrinth. Theseus volunteered promising to change his ships sails so his dad knew he would be ok.

Theseus came to the land of Crete and once there a princess fell i love with him. She gave him a ball of string to get out and told him how to defeat the minotaur after being promised to return with Theseus.

Theseus entered left his thirteen companions at the front and killed the minotaur using it's own horn to do so.

Then they all lived happily ever after except for the princess who was abandoned and Theseus's father. Due to his hard partying Theseus forgot to change the sails. His father saw this and threw himself off the tower into the water and died.

The End


Created with images by Hans - "turtle cartoon character drawing" • reza_arze - "cliff peaceful mountain"

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