My dog, Charlie He was a fun and playful dog BY Teryn Joebgen

The purpose of creating ofrendas for deceaced loved pets is to honer the loved ones that have passed, Charlie was my 2nd dog that has passed away.

Items you would typically find on a ofrendas is candles, decortive papers, flowers,maybe some fruit, and a picture of the one who died, and things that they liked.

I made Charlie a leash and collar out of paracord which looked really cool.
Candle to show your respect and honer.
Have my little cousins draw pictures.
A picture of him so you can see him when he's happy and playful. (picture off of google)
Flowers to show respect.
Every time you would open the freezer door he would come running and you would throw an ice cube acrossed the house and he would chase the ice cube.
He liked this one toy it was a rope and he would bite and chew on that rope all day long.
My dad and I would always give Charlie bacon when ever we had it, and my mom would get mad, but Charlie liked it so we kept doing it.

is similar to what people in Mexico and other parts of the world do during El Día de Los Muertos is make something special for one of our loved ones or pets. We put pictures and flowers at the funeral and everyone in the family gets together.

Learning about El Día de Los Muertos affected me how I thought on Charlie and all my other pasts pets and it makes miss them more when I think about them. Now I know that America isn't the only country honers people or pets and how they meant to there families.


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