The Great Gatsby

Chapter one- Nick Carrawy is the narrator who moves to New York,near the village of West Egg. Nick Carraway rents a massion next too Gatsby.

Chapter two Myrtle Wilson- Nick and Tom go to New York by train. Tom introduces Nick to his girlfriend, Myrtle, who is married to Mr.Wilson.

Chapter three I meet Gatsby- Gatsby throw fancy parties all through the summer. Nick finally, meets Gatsby.

Chapter four I have lunch with Gatsby- Nick has lunch with Gatsby who tells him about his life. Gatsby says that he was educated at Oxford-that his family died he traveled all over Europe.

Chapter five Daisy and Gatsby Start of the Dream- Jordan baker tells Nick that Daisy and Gatsby knew each other for five years before. Gatsby was an officer in the military. They have gone out serval times, and she was sad that he was shipped over seas. On the night before she was suppose to marry Tom,Daisy receives a letter.

Chapter six Daisy comes to Tea- . Nick invites Daisy over for tea so that Gatsby can see her again. Gatsby invites them over to see his house so that he can impress Daisy.

Chapter seven Gatsby Last Party- Nick, Tom, and Daisy all attended one of Gatsby's parties. Daisy doesn't like the party because all of the shouting strangers. Tom gets angry and wonders who Gatsby really is and how he got all of his money .

Chapter eight- The hottest Day Of Summer- Tom realizes that Daisy and Gatsby are in love. The group decides to go too New Yourk for the day. Gatsby and Daisy ride the blue together. Daisy becomes very upset about the two men fighting over her, Gatsby and Daisy leave to go home together in Gatsby's yellow car.

Chapter 9- Death in the Evening - Tom, Nick,and Jordan drive by Wilson's garage and see a crowd of people. Myrtle has been run over by a big yellow car,and she died. Tom thinks that Gatsby killed Myrtle; however, Daisy was the one driving. Myrtle and her husband had been fighting over her affair; so she ran into the street when she saw the yellow car coming down the road thinking that it is Tom. Daisy was distracted and couldn't stop in time and ran over Myrtle.

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