Hell yeah you booked a boudoir session.

Let's do this.

My clients come to me for so many different reasons. Maybe you are doing this as a gift for your partner, future hubby (or wifey!). Or maybe you are celebrating a milestone in your life and this is a gift to you. Or maybe, you are doing this just because. Either way...

Get ready to invest in you.

This is so much more than a photo shoot.



Alright ladies, let's talk grooming.

Yep, it's true - we all have hair, in places we'd rather not. :) Make sure to do some *ahem* upkeep in the areas that need it prior to your session. You know your bodies better than I do - if you normally shave - do that. If you normally wax, go brazilian or laser - do that. Make sure that no matter what you do, you give yourself time to heal.

This goes for eyebrows too!

Next up, hydration.

You know that saying about your skin looking better the more water you drink? It's true. DO it. Drink up - especially the week prior to your session. And hey, even if it's not true, you should be drinking a lot of water n-e-wayyysss. So do it! :)

Ya'll might think I'm crazy but work in some stretches the week before your session. SO MANY of my clients comment on how much of a workout a boudoir session can be. You are going to be holding some intense poses for what feels like "forever" - a little stretching never hurt anybody.


FIRST: Let's talk about what to wear TO your session:

Best options are leggings/yoga pants and a comfortable tank or zip up. You don't want clothing that is tight and will create lines on your body - that goes for socks too. You also want to be able to remove your top without messing up your bomb ass hair and make up, so make sure you can remove your top easily.

As for what to where AT your session:

Contrary to popular belief - you don't have to get nakey to be sexy. The hawt mama in the above image is wearing a bomb ass dress and she looks sexy as hell.

My must haves:

  • Black underwear/thong. Plain, no frills underwear that you can wear under any of my garments.
  • A baggy t-shirt/tank or sweater. We'll usually start in one of these outfits and work our way from there. Do you have a bra to wear underneath? Do you prefer to go bra-less? Either option is A-OK, just make sure you are prepared.

IF you are still wondering what to bring, my go to's:

  • Black *anything*. Tanks, sweaters, oversized t-shirts, bodysuits, electrical tape (jk - sorta). You cannot go wrong.
  • Bodysuits - flattering on literally anyone. They cover the things you want to be covered and still look awesome.
  • Sheets. We've probably talked about this at your pre-session consult but seriously, 75% of my clients opt to use their last "outfit" as a sheet session. We can go as nude as you want, use the sheets to cover any/all that you wish. Face your fears and do it. You won't regret it - pinky promise.


  • Drink lots of water (for real!)
  • Face: wash it and moisturize (just NO SPF!), and no makeup
  • Hair: come with it dry, ready to be styled. You know your hair best. If it holds curls better when it's "dirty" so be it. If you have naturally curly hair, come with it styled how you like it and my hairstylist can give it the extra "amp" it needs for a photo shoot.
  • Come ready to relax AND to face some fears. The best adventures are the ones we're a little scared of.

Other common questions.

Q: Can I bring a friend?

A: I know it seems like having your bestie there for moral support sounds like a good idea, but trust me, it's not. This session is for YOU. Sometimes it's hard to open up in front of someone who knows you so well. I promise to be your cheerleader, therapist, bartender, bestie and yoga instructor for the entire time you are in my studio. Bring your bestie to your Viewing Party. THAT is the perfect time to share this experience with your BFF.

Q: Should I get a manicure/pedicure/hair touch up?

A: YES and NO.

Fact: The more you invest in yourself prior to these images, the more meaningful they will be. This is about celebrating your body, your feminism, your sexuality. That might mean going all out and having a spa day to begin your boudoir journey. However, that also might mean coming to my studio raw, unashamed, and ready to celebrate your unpainted nails, grown out roots and callused feet. I'm cool with both. Do what makes you feel good.

Q: I'm nervous af. Can I get my money back?

A: In a word, NO. Cancellations due to nerves are 100% not allowed. If I can do this, so can you. If you are that nervous, then come in with your most favorite outfits and we'll do a studio session. Face your fears boo.

You got this. Promise.

I'm about to take some amazing images of you. All you have to do is be vulnerable. We're going to do some werk and it's going to be f'ing awesome.





Lindsay Nicole Studio

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