Universidad Iberoamericana de León and SEMO An overview of future activities

Linking the Art Exhibition in MO this next august with the IBERO university

Today (Jan 18th 2017) artists from "Descarnador Artist Association", had a meeting with teacher Irlanda Del Río and discussed some activities related to link both universities by doing some activities in MO and León.

The activities

Joni Hand's idea came to the meeting, a Student Portfolio Exchange:

We can help Irlanda's students by doing a workshop where the main goal would be to produce a high quality printed portfolio of about 10 prints (or more) before the Art Exhibition this next August; so the students can show the portfolio at the Catapult gallery with the main exhibition at the same time.

Side activities

  • We can make a live transmission of the opening show and the students can see their work in the gallery.
  • Irlanda asked if it's possible to produce some student work for sale at the gallery store; she wants to round the complete process of art making; from a creative standpoint, to a marketing approach as well.

The workshop

We met the building where they have the press. We can use the press and they have plenty room to work on the linoleum or other materials.

The space
The press

They also work on ceramics ;-)

Portfolio Exhibition

We met the installations at IBERO León and Irlanda suggested two places at the university that we can use for the portfolio exhibition.

UIAC Building (Unidad de Innovación Académica y Competitividad)

This building is the best choice to put the portfolio exhibition. It's well illuminated and the construction of the place let the viewer to see the pieces without much distractors. The con: low traffic.

Main hall of the University

This area has a lot of people transit all day (700 people everyday according Irlanda), the con: Not much light when the day is getting dark.


They are very excited about the activities that they could make with SEMO; we can create a bound between both universities by working with their students and make an exchange of ideas and knowledge.

We at Descarnador Artists Association are very excited to start to work and be the link on the chain for these two universities.

Xavier, Irlanda and Alejandra.
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luis javier martinez moreno


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