Year in pictures 2016 Nia Davis

This is a collection of the good, the bad, the happy, the sad, the everything about this crazy, wonderful, chaotic year we've all been apart of that reflects who we are


Flint, Michigan, A water crisis that started in 2014 due to a change in water sources because it was cheaper. It's still a problem in 2016. Residents have to still have bottle water sent to them for clean water. People shouldn't have to live like this. Residents have protested against their governor that allowed this to happen.


Senator Sander of Vermont starts his campaign for the title of being the democratic nominee. Sanders talks about his strategy for stopping social issues, wages and affordable. The senator raised $40 million for his campaign in February alone.


March 22, 2016, three suicide bombings in Brussel, Belgium. This caused quite a bit of turmoil with the subject of letting foreigners in countries and security and how safe we really are. But amongst, all this chaos some positive came out of it when people held vigils, had prayers and came together in this time of fear.


Prince, an American songwriter and singer dies at the age of 57. The cause of death was due to an accidental drug overdose. Fans mourn over his death but celebrate his memory by playing his songs over the radio and remembering what he stood for.


Muhammad Ali, American boxer dies at the age of 74 because of septic shock. Ali was remember not only for his boxing but for who he was and what he did outside of the ring. Fans remember him as a leader and an inspiration.


Several blood banks have lines flooding, waiting to give blood to those in need after the nightclub shooting in Orlando. People from all over either donated blood, time, money or just support despite of all the controversies over gun laws and possible terrorists being involved.

The musical, Hamilton, written by Lin-Manuel Miranda about the life of founding father, Alexander Hamilton wins several tony awards. It's diverse cast and broad range of music draws many to theater to experience it at it's best.

"Love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love, cannot be killed or swept aside, now fill the world with music, love and pride"-Lin-Manuel Miranda


Law enforcement come to tie up a BLM protestor from Protest in Baton Rouge. Black lives matter has become a very strong movement over this year over the wrongful killings over African Americans in the United States. It's sparked a lot of controversy over police brutality and what is too far from both sides of the argument.


The games start in Rio de Janeiro for the summer Olympics of 2016 when the torches have been lit. Countries from all around the world compete for gold and to show off their skills.


The Paralympics start a month later in Rio for those with physical disabilities to give it their all.


Virtual reality or VR has become big in October because many see its potential. The possibilities go from not just gaming, but to education and even news. Many companies like google, Samsung, Sony and others have already started to invest in this new untapped market.


It's election season and Lincoln reminds America that it's time to decided who they want as their next president. Tensions run high during the last few weeks of campaigning for both nominees, Trump and Clinton. The race for 270 was intense but Trump won despite many odds.


Stefán Karl or better known as Robbie Rotten from Lazytown has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Once word got out serval people made a meme about it, but unlike others that usually poke fun and be ironic at the subject in nature, has generated a lot of positivity and kindness. The meme is centered around his character from the show and has help raise awareness about his cancer and have many people donate to help him pay for his treatment.

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