Gender equality

Gender equality

Gender equality is a major issue in today’s world. Even in today’s fast growing world people’s mentality is somewhat the same. A girl is supposed to do all the housework while a man will work and earn money. If a couple tries to be different and exchanges roles, they are being criticised by the society. Society teaches man to be the king (ruler) of the house which sometimes leads them to raise hand on their wives because they can do whatever they want. Gender inequality is present in every culture. In some culture the power is more than the others. People are still fighting for equal pay. Women are paid less regardless of their knowledge, qualifications because they are supposed to look after their home not their company. Men gets promoted faster than women. A lot of discrimination happens in workplaces.

In this artwork by Agata Hop from Poland displays the difference. A man is using an elevator with no burden at all while a women will have to climb a stair manually which is difficult in comparison to elevator. This will also require more time. This can be seen as reaching success. It is quite easier to be successful if you are a man. The women is also carrying a baby in her back and have heavy bags in both of her hands. With this weight it will be harder for her to climb the stairs. The man is already going up but the women hasn’t even started climbing because she might be deciding whether to climb or not. This is a reality today. Women have to think a lot whether to work outside or not because they are responsible for her children and her house. Even though there are a lot of women who are working hard and getting acknowledgment. This is only with the help of their family. Some men are raised with the right thinking. They support women with their full support and take equal part in household work. Everyone should support their mother, sisters, or wife. A gender should never determine someone’s future.

Sometimes women get too much obsessed to get their right that they start to oppress men and become violent as well. This is equally unfair. Gender equality means both should be treated equally. Both should share their duties. Many people does think differently now. Gender equality will make the world a better place.

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