The Good Life Nature Activity at the Florida Museum of Natural History Spark story: jimmy wang

Nature on Display

This exhibit was appealing to me because of the vast display of prehistoric skeletons all around the room. I felt immersed in this world and nothing appeared out of the ordinary. Everything was also made to scale to actual fossils so I learned about the size of these creatures that I would not have truly understood in another medium. It's one thing to read about the sizes of ancient creatures but its another to experience and see the size of these creatures manifested into reality. I was always discovering new things in the museum and I found that aspect enjoyable as I walked around the same exhibits multiple times.

The butterfly rain forest is the best way to experience nature as members of the "biotic community". It was unfortunate that the day I chose to tour this museum was cold because there were not many butterflies out. I felt excitement as I began to see more and more butterflies on the branches and leaves of plants as it was a wonderful sight to see. Other around me reacted the with the same amazement as they began to see the butterflies as well. I think that the museum does a great job of preserving this environment for others to see as it is definitely the highlight of my experience here. I now feel an ethical responsibility to nature as the exhibit provides an eye-opening sensation that cannot be experienced any other way.

Nature and the Human Spirit

The Natural History Museum helps us step out of our ordinary lives by providing us with exhibits that are not found in ordinary life such as this jaw from a megalodon shark. Now extinct and estimated to be 3 times the size of a normal great white shark, the megalodon shark is one of the many mysteries of the natural world. No skeletons have ever been found so what they looked like, how they went extinct, and how big they were, are all things that related scientists ponder upon. We do, however, have many artifacts of their teeth so the jaws and therefore size of these creatures can be estimated. Besides their teeth, there is no other evidence that these sharks existed and it is fascinating that we, as humans, are able to get so much information about their size based on their teeth. The visual representation of these jaws helps us better understand and appreciate who we are and the mystery of these creatures.

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