The Other Wes Moore Book by: wes moore. Aaron Jones, Jordan mcconell, jacob matson


The Other Wes Moore is a book written about how to people both had the same names and lived close to each other. Both of their fathers died at a young age and they were both into drugs when they were young. The author wes was sent to valley forge and stopped all his drugs and bad things. The other wes moore got sent to prison for being involved in a jewelry store crime.They both had very similar paths but very different endings. This book is placed in baltimore, maryland.

Some themes are to stay on the right track. It shows that one of the wes's is in prison because he didnt stay on the right track. The author wes wrote the book because he has a hug connection with the other wes having the same name and coming from the same place.

Wes Moore used a lot of louded description in his book. For example he used a lot of louded description when he was preparing to be a paratrooper and spend every minute talking about his experiences. Wes Moore also used three-peat when he was in a chopper and every minute said when the black hat yelled “Three Minutes!” , “One Minute!” up until “Green light go!” Wes Moore also used building suspense by making the blackout every minute up until the jump.

At The end of the book Wes Moore talks about his adventure finding all of his information to write about his story. He first heard of the other wes moore when his mom called him and told him there was someone in baltimore that was wanted for jewelry robbery. He started writing his book in 2007. The production of this book took hundreds of hours of interviews with people he new his whole life and people he has never met before. It took Wes Moore 3 years to write his book. Wes Moore went across the globe to track these people down and for interviews and it was one of the most experiencing things of his life. But the truth is that The Other Wes Moore's life could have been his.

My review on this book is that it is a great book and a story for our time! It shows that if you stay on the right track that you will end up in a good place. This is a great book for you to read if you want to show you about staying on track and doing good in school.

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