Alternative Press Music Awards 2017 Production Proposal Produced by XI Media Productions

The Approach

XI Media thrives in the live performance space. Our team has shot hundreds of acts all over the country. The approach has always been to focus on what makes each act unique and engaging. Finding the strongest way to translate the blood and sweat and artist leave out on the stage to an online audience.

It's this "performance first" approach that we would like to utilize to create a high octane and engaging live broadcast of the APMAS in 2017. We research every artist that comes into our lens and find the focal point to drive home.

We fully realize that this is an awards show first, performance set piece second, however we feel the same visceral approach to capturing performances can be brought to the awards show space as well. We aim to produce a stellar and professional awards show that moves at a break neck pace to match the backbeat of the bands taking the stage.

From the red carpet to backstage moments, from the opening of the first award envelope to the last note, our cameras will be front and center in the thick of the action, not standing on the sidelines conveying the happenings from afar. We want our audience to feel as if they are standing next to their heroes on stage sharing in the laughter, the power and fun that the AMPAS represent.

To further add to that approach, we propose utilizing social media engagement live during the show as well. Imagine a band taking the stage and delivering a mind melting performance. We can then head backstage to our host who calls out various social media handles and quotes their enthusiasm for what they just witnessed. This will allow AP to engage their audience directly throughout the awards show broadcast and creates a new avenue for continued engagement throughout.


XI Media will work hand in hand with Alternative Press to create a unique and engaging vision that is on brand and exceeds expectations. This includes at least one in person creative meeting the moment the project locks. Our team will be available around the clock to ensure our plan is impeccable once we hit the ground.


Our team will be arrive in full the day before load in to avoid any travel issues. Once on the ground in the venue, our proposed production plan is as follows; July 15th - Load In, Set, Technical Run Through / July 16th Show Run Through Part 1 / July 17th Show Run Through Part 2 + Full Show Production

Our plan will be to produce a compelling broadcast equivalent to the Grammys / Oscars in engagement level. We will start on the Red Carpet covering the the press and artists arriving (we would love to stage a few pranks / moments on the Red Carpet), we will move into the AP Artist Interview Space and pop back and forth until show time. The goal will be to seamlessly back time the Red Carpet into the start of the Award Show. There we will be firing on all cylinders moving between host, presentations and performances according to there collaboratively produced script. Each performance will be captured uniquely with a focus on conveying the raw energy and emotion of the featured artist. Our team will move back stage in between moments to capture a "show in progress" feel to show every facet of how this event is put together and a living breathing spectacle.


All camera positions as well as the line cut of the entire show will be copied and delivered the next morning on redundant drives for safety. Our team will also extend the offer to pull interview / awards moments / performances for immediate sharing. We can edit on site or after the fact. All files will be provided in High Res ProRes 422 files as well as exported to any format AP requests.


Our proposed budget breaks down as follows. We are happy to increase / decrease elements as you see fit. This is a jumping off point for discussion.

PRE-PRO - Includes in person creative / pre-pro planning, gear delivery, travel.

GEAR - 7 Cameras , 36ft jib, Steadicam, , Switcher + Audio Support.

CREW - Broadcast + Stage Crew, Stream Engineers and Audio Production.

Grand Total - $135,675

XI Media Achievements

Our team has collected over a dozen Telly AND DV Awards. Highlights include The Fader Fort live stream for 8 years, House of Vans Summer Series in Brooklyn, tons of content produced for Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, AEG Worldwide, VideoStatic, VEVO, NPR, SPIN, MAXIM, Complex, The Fader, Vans, Converse, Levi's and labels including Universal, Warner Bros, Atlantic, Green Label Sound, The Fader Label and more.

On top of all of this, our team produced the world's FIRST 4K live stream at The Fader Fort SXSW in 2015. Studio Daily nominated XI Media as one of the Top 50 Creatives and Technologists in 2016 and we have spoken on numerous industry panels across the country as well as both video and audio podcasts.


Once we get a budget and initial plan locked in place, our team would love to head to Ohio to have an in person creative meeting to get familiar with the AP team and vice versa as well as brainstorm and really take our plan up a couple of notches.

Ideal timeline would be an in person in late April / early May with a proposed final budget / plan in place mid May. Then we can lock gear and crew and start making moves towards a stellar production.

We would be more than willing to head back up to Ohio to review our final plan in person in June. That arrive to CRUSH mid July.


Truly, thank you for the opportunity to pick the ball up and run with this project. It would be our absolute pleasure to produce the 2017 APMAS and show you everything we've got.

Looking forward to diving in soon.

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