Gorillas in the Mist Year 4 Autumn 1

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To help us get our teeth into the topic, we will be using our inquisitive skills when investigating...... teeth!

Things you need to know:

4LJ PE days - Mondays and Thursdays
4EC PE days - Mondays and Tuesdays
4NA PE days - Mondays and Tuesdays

All children must wear their federation PE kit. The blue federation t-shirt with the academy jumper/cardigan. As the weather is getting cooler the children may wear navy (non branded) jogging bottoms or they can wear their federation shorts or skort. Trainers need to be worn and not plimsolls. All children attend school in their PE kit on their PE days.

The independent me will be inspired by the picture book ‘Gorilla’ by Anthony Browne to:


Focus text

We will use our gateway keys to write a narrative based on the story of ‘Gorilla’ by using techniques used by authors to create characters and settings. We will compose and rehearse sentences orally and plan, write, edit and improve.

Create gorilla fact files, write diaries from key characters points of view and create sequential narratives.

Use a wide and varied vocabulary, develop noun phrases, fronted adverbials and use speech punctuation correctly.

Our core story is: The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate

Core story


Our Pathways to read will be inspired by the book A World Full of Animal Stories: 50 Folk Tales and Legends by Angela McAllister
A World Full of Animal Stories: 50 Folk Tales and Legends

We will focus on asking questions to improve understanding. We will draw inferences (inferring characters’ feelings, thoughts and motives from their actions); justify with evidence.


This half term, we will investigate and describe the continents and countries that gorillas inhabit.

Use maps, atlases and digital sources to find out more about the damage humans are doing to gorilla habitats.


This half term, we will work scientifically to ask questions, gather, record and present data about teeth structure and the digestive system.

Structure of our teeth

Gather and present data about the declining gorilla population.

Record findings about the digestive system using scientific language and labelled diagrams.

Investigate gorillas by recognising that their environment can change and the posed dangers to their habitat.


We will use some of the advanced features of Purple Mash to communicate ideas about gorillas in a fact file.

Carry out effective safe searching. and investigate computer hardware.


This half term in number: place value, we will read Roman Numerals to 100. Round to the nearest 10 and 100. Count in 25s and 1000s. Understand place value for 1000s, 100s. 10s and 1s and partition numbers. We will compare and order numbers and place numbers on a number line to 10,000. Recognise negative numbers.

In Addition & Subtraction we will add and subtract 1s, 10s, 100s and 1000s. Add and subtract two 4-digit numbers with and without exchange. We will use efficient written methods and use estimates and checking strategies.


We will perform role play, listen to and write name, age, where they live and nationality.

The healthy me will be developed through topic, RE and physical education.

Physical Education

This half term we will, develop practical skills in order to participate, compete and lead a healthy lifestyle. We will move in a clear, fluent and expressive manner in gymnastics

Develop an understanding of what makes a healthily lifestyle through a balanced diet and regular exercise.


Being in my world unit

We will debate human rights versus animal rights considering whether gorillas should be kept in zoos.

Reflect on their role as a citizen and understand how to develop love within their community and the wider world.

Being part of a class team. Being a school citizen, Knowing rights, responsibility and how democracy works. Understanding rewards and consequences.

Religious Education

This half term we will explore the question: What do Christians learn from the Creation story?

Place the concepts of God and Creation on a timeline of the Bible’s ‘Big Story’.

Pupils will enjoy learning about themselves, others and the surrounding world by:

Understanding the Christian values of our academy.

Spiritual - Introduce new Academy Christian Values through RE lessons, whole school and class worship. Pupils will develop a sense of their own spirituality through daily worship and through song.

Moral - Discuss meaning behind Harvest Festival and take part in whole school worship. Donate items of food. Create class charter of rules and behaviour for Good To Be Green and discuss Golden Rules.

Social - Take part in the harvest festival by donating food items to our local food bank. Children will be introduced to the Good to be Green rules and develop an understanding of how they can resolve conflict. Pupils will be able to participate in a range of class and school based activities with different pupils to aid their social skills development.

Cultural - Through PSHE lessons, children will develop their understanding of the rules and consequences of our country and how they fit into our community. Pupils will also complete work on Why it’s good to be me where they will look at our local community set up and the diversity within it.

Big question

How does practising compassion make you happy?


Develop practical dance skills to plan, repeat and perform sequences in a fluid and expressive manner to demonstrate varied emotions.


As well as learning to sing, play, improvise and compose with the well-known song Mamma Mia, children will listen and appraise more ABBA hits.


This half term we will, create drawings of gorillas and use colour to develop awareness images.

We will develop art and design skills by making observational sketches of bones and teeth as well as mastering pencil line, tone and texture skills to sketch gorillas.

Use water colour to create mood to express the plight of the gorillas.

Drama and role play

We will enact parts of the story Gorilla in a sequence and we will debate whether animals should be kept in zoos.


Created with images by ikinitip - "gorilla jungle mist" • Andrew Pons - "This shot was taken at the Lincoln Zoo in Chicago. This silverback gorilla was sitting right next to the glass." • KKristie - "waterfalls cedar philippines" • Andrew Stutesman - "untitled image" • Laura Seaman - "Gorilla in green surroundings. Black and green are the colors of the day. " • Paulius Dragunas - "A tree line and railroad tracks protect this hidden waterfall’s secret. Mossbrae Falls encapsulates you in a calming aura with it’s gently flowing water that surrounds the whole viewpoint." • Porco Rosso - "untitled image" • Fabian Irsara - "Misty Mountainside" • Jon Tyson - "untitled image" • Joshua J. Cotten - "This gorilla sat, arms crossed, scratching its chin…deep in thought."