The Importance of Keeping Progress Erika Opperman

“By setting yourself effective health goals, you’ll maximize your life span and enjoy your life more too!" (7)

“the first step in the process is to evaluate your current situation regarding your health and then ask your self what you really want to achieve” (8).

When creating a health goal, it is important to use strategies and monitor progress before committing. The first reason that this is important is that you need to understand your health histories to be able to make sure your decision won't be harmful to you because of your medical background. “A good starting point when setting health goals is to see your doctor and get a physical assessment of your general health" (8). Then once you make sure the activity is beneficial and healthy for you, you can move onto the next step.

“Like all good goals, you need to research the goal before you commit to it and to enable you to prepare suitable Action Plans for achieving it" (9).

The second step to helping to create a health goal is to research the goal to help prepare the necessary utilities for the goal. Look up how the human body functions to really understand what you need to loose. Most people cut off all fats from their diet, but in the food triangle, it is necessary to have some fats to have a balanced and healthy diet.

““Setting suitable timeframes for action items and goal completion is critical for achieving goal setting success" (9).

The last step is to monitor your health goal. It is important to set a time frame to be able to monitor your achievements to determine if your goal was successful for you.

My mom had been trying to loose weight ever since I was born. She was really struggling because nothing was working for her. After some frustration, she eventually researched her experiences and talked to her doctor about other ways to loose the weight. Her doctor showed her a health plan that suited her needs and he health history of our family. Now she has lost the weight she needed and is on a new healthy diet that fits her lifestyle

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