Medieval Growth of Cities RISING FROM THE ASHES

Before The Black Death Medieval cities in Europe grew around a church or other landmark, they also usually provided everything a person would need. Often people would move into cities in look of a better job or an easier life, this helped make a demand in labor. The people of Cities did not have the best personal hygiene, sometimes the nearest river was the city's sewer, this was because the church and (some) doctors thought that regular bathing was bad. As a result of not clean cities rats were very common and people payed little attention to them.
After The Black Death The Black Death is caused by infected rats which were common in cities, the fleas bit humans and that's how they got it. Those people that were infected often came in contact with non-sick people and spread it. People died fairly soon, while sick some had to say in bed because it was so bad. In cities this led to a decrease in people and labor ( things that help make a city ). After the Black Death cities did not have as many people and instead of nobles filling the town, peasants and lower-class people filled it instead. Some of the people had previously worked for lords under manors in farms but since the a number of workers died labor force was limited. The people that were left either stayed at a farm working with payed labor or moved into cities. But since city life was not a thing, there was a lack of community. Also a lack of community roles since some people had only worked in fields but people adapted in time and there was more families. In conclusion the new people eventually did learn the roles but not as well a the previous residents.


Images: Misterio y Sociedad de Aventuras Literarias - "Bastille"

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