Renewable energy TODAY

Why is it important to do your part of the energetic transition

The Idea of global worming and climate change started in 1950. It is at this time that governments started to realise that some big manoeuvre had to be made.

Today people are getting more and more convinced that they have a part to take in this fight and that its not governments decisions that is going to change everything.

So here is a few things you can do yourself to protect the environment

Using green energy

Using green energy is a big step forward to improve the quality of the air around us.

How to do that?

Its simple, solar energy is the cheapest energy on the market today, instal solar panel above your ruff if you can but you can also ask you electric supplier to provide you at a 100% of green energy.

Change your way of transportation

Being a single person inside an SUV to go to work in the morning is a serious threat to the environment, some simple things can be done to change that.

How to do that?

Well there's different ways: the first one is to use a rechargeable hybrid or an electric car, cleaner, there price for the most of them are similar to a casual car.

You can also use commuting for regular traject, it is cheaper and you are guarantied to be on time.

Cycle if you can, it is good for health.

Change the way you consume energy

Changing the way you consume energy is beneficial for everyone.

How to do that?

Buy a light bulb that use a small amount of voltage, the light intensity is pretty much the same.

Stop heating your place when not necessary.

Unplug devices when they are not used.

Change the way you consume water

Spring is soon to become a rare ressources in some areas if we don't do something.

How to do that?

Stop the water cooling from your sink when you are done.

Take a shower instead of a bath you don't need the other option to be clean.

Meat products

Meat product are the reasons of a lot of irregularity in this planet and something has to change.

How to that:

Eat chicken meat instead of beef meat, they eat less and they unleash less carbon gas in the air, cow carbon gas is a major problem today.

Go vegan, it is not an easy thing but a huge gift to the environment.

Selective sorting

Selective sorting is an easy thing that everyone should do

How to do that?

If you don't have selective sorting bine in your area, put a pressure on your city to deliver some.

Be constantly careful to organise your waste at all time.

Has you can see the energetic transition can be done by anyone if he wants to, it makes the life of yourself and your community better and it also makes the futur life of your children safer.

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