Are The Arts Important? By: Mackenzie Holcom, SVMS Student- April 18th, 2017

The Purple means that everyone in my class agreed with me that the arts are important in our schools.

My opinion on the subject is that the arts are important in schools because the arts can help students express themselves.

There are many types of fine arts, but some examples would be dance, art, orchestra, band, or theater.

There are many types of fine arts.

The arts are important because the arts can help students express themselves, the way that history or math can't.

A couple statistics are: A 2002 report done by the Arts Education Partnership revealed that schoolchildren exposed to drama, music, and dance are often more proficient in reading and math. Another statistic is that Teachers and Students alike benefit from schools that have strong art climates, a 1999 study called " Learning In and Through the Arts" demonstrated.

Students that are in art programs in school will do better in school than those who are not.

If your school is doing budget cuts, and the school wants to get rid of art, tell the school board no, because the arts have a special place in the hearts of teachers and students.


Created with images by KRiemer - "colorful colored pencils pens" • monkeywing - "A Night at the Baabican" • Walt Stoneburner - "Violin Bridge" • fvancini - "DW Drums warehouse drumset 3/4 view" • Cillian Storm - "On Pointe cute!" • Mimzy - "back to school pencils rainbow" • Dutch Abstract Expressionism painting, Nederlands - "2007 / 2014 - 'Beauty & Truth 3', a later digital re-painting of my visual response in watercolor painting for making a free art-print - a visual eaction on Schillers 'Letters Upon The Aesthetic Education of Man' 1. Fons Heijnsbroek" • SurFeRGiRL30 - "Heart Drawing on DS2"

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